Wisdom Wednesday – 10 Ways to Beat Photographer’s Block

This week’s Wisdom Wednesday is all about our top 10 ways you can beat photographer’s block!

We all remember our first camera and the magic that came with it. You rush outside and begin snapping everything in site that catches your eye. It is an exciting time where the whole world is truly in your viewfinder.

Unfortunately, at some point, this magic fades into a repetitive series of forgetful photographs. When you are at wits end with creating engaging photography and you simply cannot think of new ideas, you have officially hit Photographer’s Block. (Dun dun dunnn!)

Much like “Writer’s Block,” Photographer’s block can be extremely difficult to overcome, but if you follow these 10 tips, we promise that initial magic will come back in full swing!


1Just Start Shooting


A good first step is to simply pick up your camera (or even your phone) and start walking around taking pictures. Don’t think about what you are photographing, or focus, or composition, honestly just hit that “take picture” button and keep the photos flowing!

It is entirely likely that you will not take a single good photo in this exercise and that’s OK! You simply want to get the ball rolling and make yourself let go of any holdups that were keeping you from picking up your camera. Who knows, you may even snap a special shot that was completely at random!


2Start a Photography Project


You can either think of a project to set yourself on or simply find one online that catches your eye. There are an almost infinite number of project ideas on the web for you to choose from.

The trick here is to actually commit! It does you no good to start a project and tap out on the second day. This will be your opportunity to keep yourself focused and more importantly, keep yourself shooting!

Here is a nice example of a 30 Day Photography Challenge that will keep you shooting a different subject every day



3Learn a New Skill


One of the most exciting parts of photography is the near endless amount of things to learn. There’s will always something else to master, even for a veteran photographer.

Perhaps try your hand at videography or switch from digital to film. Practice your Photoshop skills and watch online tutorials on new digital techniques to acquire.

You’ll be inspiring your inner creativity while simultaneously strengthening your technical skills!


4Get Out of Your Comfort Zone


Is there a style of photography or subject that you have always avoided? Well now is your opportunity to take on those fears and really step outside of your comfort zone.

This will force you to think on your feet and take photographs that are entirely new and exciting. It may be difficult to push yourself into unknown waters, but you may end up actually liking a new style that you had never considered!



5Try Using New Gear 


A great way to get back that initial magic feeling is to use new equipment! This will give you an exciting new tool to learn and master, just like your first camera.

Try using a fish eye lens or another fun piece of gear that really shakes up what your photos generally look like. It may not be worth it to go out and buy a new lens for this exercise alone, so borrowing from a friend or shop may be the way to go.

You also may want to try using some Backdrops if you haven’t before. Some people believe they don’t really work with their photography style, but there are so many to choose from, you may be surprised!

CQUIN-141 (3)

Backdrop: Architecture Room With View




Sometimes all it takes to spark that creative drive is new scenery. Jump in your car and go to a spot that you have never been before.

You may find that a bulk of your photography was done in a few key locations, so snapping some pictures in a new setting may be just what you needed. You can even try randomly picking a place on  a map and just showing up to that location. If nothing else, it will give you a fun adventure for the day!



7Get Inspired!


Taking photos isn’t the only way to get out of a creative funk. Try going online and researching new photographers to grab inspiration from.

Don’t worry about copying others styles as they have most likely obtained their own inspiration from another photographer as well. Look for the more creative photographers out there to really get excited about the possibilities of photography.

There is no better way to get inspired than checking out our awesome featured photographer’s work!

You can even look at some of your own photography that you are particularly fond of. Think about why you like those photos and try to recapture that magic!


8Get Another Person Into Photography


A great way to get yourself excited about taking photos is to get someone else excited to take photos! It will be a breath of fresh air to see a new flourishing photographer take on a camera for the first time.

Teaching is an extremely rewarding experience and often the ones who are newer to the craft have the most creative ideas.



9Talk to Other Photographers


The photography world is bursting full of photographers who simply wish to help each other.

Try reaching out to someone you know, who also happens to be a photographer, and ask them where they draw their inpiration from. Go out shooting together and observe the way they approach photography.

If you do not know another photographer, there are tons of online communities that would be happy to help you out. (You just have to look!)


10. Don’t sweat it


Perhaps out biggest tip to photographers out there who are having trouble is to step back, take a breath, and realize that this rut is only for the time being.

Every great photographer has certainly experienced photographer’s block at some point in their career and it is something that just has to be overcome. If there is a day in which you really don’t feel like taking a photograph, then maybe a day off is what you need the most.

Photography is supposed to be enjoyable and satisfying, so next time you hit a wall, don’t sweat it too much, and let yourself naturally get back into the rhythm when it is time!

As always, we hope this installment of Wisdom Wednesdays was insightful and can propel your photography career to new heights! Photographer’s block can happen to the best of us, but if you follow these tips, you will be back out their shooting in no time!

We look forward to hearing your feedback so don’t be afraid to comment down below!

Until Next Time

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