For this week’s Wisdom Wednesday we wanted to go in a bit of a different direction! In the past we have discussed tips for taking great photography, but that doesn’t do you much good if no one is seeing your images or learning about your business! Marketing your photography business can be one of the most important aspects of your day to day schedule. While there are many forms of marketing, we wanted to focus on Social Media Marketing as it is pretty new in the marketing realm and many people don’t know exactly where to start.


The 7 Deadly Tips:

1Think about your demographic!

More specifically, think about who is looking at your photography and who will be in need of your services, then consider which platform that demographic is most likely to use. Here is a great LINK for figuring out which platform you should use for your business.

2Make your images count.

When sharing your images across social media you want to make sure you are putting out your best work. You never know if your latest post is going to be the ONLY image that someone sees of your company!

3Brand all of your images!

Utilizing a simple watermark can make a huge difference. As people begin to share around your photos at some point it will only be the image that gets passed along. (Not fair! But it is how the world works) Without your brand embedded within the photo, it will be almost impossible for someone to trace it back to your website or brand! A quick and easy guide to creating a watermark can be found HERE.

4Pay attention to what is working and not working. (Analytics Yay!)

Never get frustrated by a post that doesn’t get a ton of likes because it is just a way for you to learn what to do (or not do lol) in the future. Keep track of your different analytics as well. If you see a sudden rise in website visits, be sure you know why and how to make it happen again!

5Be careful of how people will receive your posts.

It will mostly come down to trial and error, but you have to strike a good balance between selling your brand and simply developing a relationship with fans. (There is a reason people don’t follow car salesmen )

6Build relationships with other successful people in your industry.

If you can become friends with someone with a large following, chances are they will mention you at some point to their fans. Don’t be afraid to ask for help in certain instances as most people in this industry tend to want to help each other out! (We always love to help fellow photographers out!)

7Create a Social Media Marketing plan.

It can be extremely beneficial to sit down and really develop a well rounded plan of attack for marketing your business on social media. You should research other companies that are similar to yours and look at what they do successfully. This also goes along with scheduling posts so they are sent out at optimal times. Wondering when to post? Look no further! LINK


Now that we have gone over some broad tips, let’s take a look at each Social Media Platform

facebook_2015_logo_detail (click to see our page)

Facebook is the biggest social network on the Web, both in terms of name recognition and the total number of users. With more than 1.55 billion active users, Facebook is a great medium for connecting people from all over the world with your business. (It is almost crucial to any business these days!)

If you haven’t already, you need to create a specific page for your business. If you are attempting to market from your own personal Facebook page it is only being displayed to people on your friends list and you are missing out on gaining a ton of new potential clients! Feel free to check out Facebook’s video on setting up your business page HERE.

Once you have your page set up, be mindful of what types of posts you are posting. You are a photography company after all, so almost all of your posts should be highly visual. Stick to beautiful images of your work and maybe through in the occasional relevant article to your industry.

If you are having a tough time coming up with posts, here are a few examples that you could use! (We use these all the time!)

-Announcements for offers or events you are attending

-Tips to your customers about photography

-Ask questions to get a conversation going

-Photosets of your most recent shoot

-Behind the scenes photos of your shoots


With regard to the last suggestion, we can say that Contests/Giveaways have been a great tool for Backdrop Outlet. A perfect example is our own Facebook contest that runs every month that you could find HERE.

This contest has served as a great way to get people involved with our company and talking about our products!

Screen Shot 2016-03-22 at 2.37.59 PM
Screen Shot 2016-03-22 at 2.38.26 PM
Screen Shot 2016-03-22 at 2.38.43 PM

Lastly, do not completely swear off payed Facebook Advertising. In the beginning it can seem like a pretty heft investment, but when you do not have many followers it can be a great way to get the ball rolling. Organic traffic is certainly the best way to get your word out but advertising may be at least something to consider!

Instagram-Logo-0041 (click to see our page)

Considering you are a photography company and Instagram is all about photos, it is a no brainer to get involved with this platform! Well… at least that is the way it seems at first.

We use Instagram ourselves and absolutely love it but you want to make sure it is going to be right for your business. It can be quite an artistic niche style app that has a pretty young crowd behind it. It can also come off as quite spammy at first so be ready to take on those relentless accounts!

Things to keep in mind when marketing with Instagram:

-It is mostly a “Fun” app so keep the deep and serious posts to a minimum.

-The platform limits your photo’s aspect ratio so be careful of what size your images are!

-Be careful with how much you filter your uploads (you don’t want all of your images looking the same!)

-It can be difficult to share links over the app. You will mostly want to use Instagram for sharing the photos and not much more.

-Hashtags are your friend! Many people find other instagramers solely through hashtags so don’t be afraid to throw a handful into each post! #Awesome

-Don’t be afraid to use call to actions. People are much more likely to follow you and share your posts when you ask them to. (No one will be offended!)

pinterest-logo (click to see our page)

Pinterest is one of the fastest growing social media platforms and now could be a great time to jump into the action. It does have a pretty specific demographic of woman over the age of 21 so be sure this fits into your business’s range of customers!

This platform consists of digital bulletin boards where users can save and display content they like in the form of pins. Users create and organize their boards by category. This can serve as an awesome way to organize your work/products for your customers.

Pinterest has also begun offering advertising options for specific pins that you may want to consider.

Also know that you can create “Buyable” pins where customers don’t even have to leave the site to buy your products!

Things to keep in mind when marketing with Pinterest:

-Longer images tend to attract more attention from viewers.

-Hashtags are often forgot with pins, but remain a great tool on this platform!

-Don’t be afraid to go back and delete pins that did not do so well. It is important to keep your boards as clutter-free as possible.

-Comment on pins that have a ton of repins to get your name out!

-Posting late at night seems to be the best time Pinterest! (Around 9pm-2am)

-Repin relevant pins throughout the day but be careful of going overboard!

Twitter logo 2011 (click to see our page)

Many people are confused by twitter’s potential for helping a business. Twitter can be extremely difficult to follow at first due to it’s fast-paced nature.

Eventually, once you get used to the ropes, it can be a great tool for simply getting news out fast to certain fans and engaging in some great conversation! Your fans will seriously appreciate your company if you are willing to keep in constant contact with them and twitter is a great vessel to make that happen.

Things to keep in mind when marketing with Twitter:

-There is a 140 character limit to each tweet so you will have to keep everything short and sweet!

-Use sites like Bitly in order to shorten you links to fit within the limited characters.

-Twitter is very much about the “now” so keep your tweets relevant to current events.

-Many customers will reach out to businesses through twitter so be ready to handle some customer service!

-Use keywords in your posts that pertain to trends

-Connect with the right people and tweet with them.

Blog (click to see our page)

The last thing we wanted to cover is blogging for your photography company.

Blogging can be an amazing tool that allows you to showcase your work as well as engage with your customer base. People are very likely to share blogs and articles, so they can serve as a great way to get the word out about your company!

Thing to keep in mind when blogging:

-Do your research. You will want to blog about many topics, so make sure you are well informed before you write!

-Keep your blog posts relevant to what your customer base is interested in.

-Take pride in how your blog looks. It is not just about what you write, but also how it is presented! (Oooooo Prettyyyyyy)

-Engage in your comments. People will be more likely to comment on your blogs when you engage in the conversation. (plus it is a ton of fun!)

-Don’t take it too seriously! People have much more fun reading blogs that have a little humor thrown in here and there!

-Have fun and don’t stress over it

As always, we hope this installment of Wisdom Wednesdays was insightful and can propel your photography career to new heights! Marketing for your Photography Business can be a challenging experience at first but we encourage you to use these tips and stick with it!


We look forward to hearing your feedback so don’t be afraid to comment off to the right!

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Until Next Time

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