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Wisdom Wednesdays – Creating a Personal Studio On a Budget


Whether you are just starting out, or a seasoned photographer, you will eventually need a studio to take certain forms of professional photographs. Studios are extremely important for photographers taking pictures for High School seniors, kid shoots, glamour shots, personal portfolios, and much more. Going out on site for a shoot has its time and place, but a studio is the perfect tool to add to your arsenal!


But why are Studios so important you may ask?! Well lets break it down


Decoration. Studios allow you to easily hang up a backdrop without the hassle of dragging it around town as well as giving you complete control over the color scheme of the shoot.




Props. You can set up all the props you will ever need in your studio for different clients. They can simply come to you and choose what will fit their pictures best.

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Lighting! Natural lighting can be used but it can also be a real pain to work with! A studio allows you to have control over every light source for every situation.





The one major issue that Photographers will eventually run into is of course how to afford a professional studio. Well, what if I told you it didn’t have to cost an arm and a tripod to have that dream set up? (Am I sounding like an infomercial yet?)

Lets take a look at some tips for making this dream a reality:


Studios will continue to be extremely helpful to every level of Photographer. I hope we were able to show you the light at the end of your studio’s tunnel and demonstrate how they don’t have to be a super expensive endeavor!

So get out there (or inside rather) and start creating that dream studio!

Until Next time-

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