Spring Into Action!


With Winter on its way out the door (Perhaps to some of our excitement), we all need to start preparing for beautiful Spring and the photos that come with it! Spring is an amazing time to take photographs due to the magnificent transformation that nature undergoes. With the perfect lighting and beautiful trees to take advantage of, there is no better time to check out our Spring and Easter collection.

There are so many cute and fun things you can do to capture the Easter holiday and spring season. Growing up should be full of memories during this time and there is no better way of sustaining these memories than a well planned photo. With all the hustle and bustle it may prove difficult to grab perfect shots of the kids, but with some help it is definitely possible!

Here are a list of tips to keep your Easter photos on track

1. Easter is a time for Patterns!



Whether the pattern is on your basket, eggs, or backdrop, Easter is full of beautiful patterns to be captured. Embrace this timeless tradition and check out all our WONDERFUL BACKDROPS full of Spring Patterns

2. Get those easter dresses ready!




Whether we are 5 or 50, we all love to dress up. Easter and Spring are the perfect occasions to whip out those flowy and flowery dresses. (Did someone say frolicking in a field!?)

3. Keep an eye out for cute candid shots.



With all the kids running around it may prove to be difficult, but always be at the ready to snap the perfect shot of your youngin’ petting that rabbit or finding that egg!

4. Get those props out!


BeFunky Collage3

Backdrop Outlet has a ton of Easter/Spring related props to CHOOSE FROM, but Even without specific props there is an endless amount of nature at your disposal. The kids will also be very excited to show off their painted eggs and new candy so they will love to join in on the photo fun.





There are so many loving moments between couples that Spring can bring as well. Don’t miss the opportunity to take your first walk of spring with your loved one by your side.

Use that wonderful nature with your family and update those family photos in your living room. Grab some flowers and some props to really make it a picture no one will forget.

There is no limit to the wonder that Spring time can bring to the solo photographer as well as assembled families!

Here are some amazing shots from our photographers that really captured the spring spirit

BeFunky Collage7

“As always we at Backdrop Outlet wish you all the best spring season with the best backdrops out there!

Until next time-“


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