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Wisdom Wednesday - How to Manage Wrinkles as a Photographer


It doesn't matter if you're a studio photographer or shoot out and about, you're going to run into a wrinkled backdrop sometime. Wrinkles in most cases are a bad thing when it comes to photography. They distract the eye, they require you to spend time editing and nobody likes them. Here's how you tackle them!

You can start by avoiding materials that wrinkle. Here at Backdrop Outlet we carry many items to do just that. Our first and most popular would be Pro Vinyl. This comes in three great colors; White, Black and Grey. Each comes rolled and shoots wonderfully time after time. It's a must have for any professional studio photographer, amateur and anything in between. Pro Vinyl comes in several convenient sizes; 4.5'x6', 6'x9', 8'x16' and 9'x18'. And can do a cake smash on it! It's super easy to clean up. Simply wipe down with a wet rag and you're good to go.




Don't forget a floor!

If you're like us you'll want a floor that doesn't wrinkle, crease or move around a lot when stepped on. We took that all into account and came up with Candy Floors. The world's best flooring option for any type of photography. These great floors have a soft cotton top with a slip-resistant rubber bottom. This supplies a great surface to shoot on without the worry of it moving around or bunching up.


Maybe you want something more portable? Here are a few great options;
Titanium Cloth
- Printed wrinkle resistant muslin like material that's washer and dryer safe.
Titanium Cloth is great for both studio use and on-the-go. Each background has a sewn rod pocket and a vivid image. The soft material allows for great wrinkle resistance. 
Diamond Cloth
- Solid color wrinkle resistant poly/cotton backdrop that's washer and dryer safe.
Vinyl might not be the best option for photographers that lack storage or their own studio. Solid color Diamond Cloth gives you the quality of Vinyl without the bulk.

Fantasy Cloth -  The only backdrop that loves to be wrinkled! These amazing backgrounds are very affordable and work in many ways. You can backlight, shoot through, gel and drape them. The best part is that they're meant to be bunched up and shot as is!

Fantasy Cloth is a fan favorite around the world and deservedly so! These great backdrops begged to be wrinkled! Simply bunch them up and the wrinkles vanish into a fine texture. They come in solid and mixed colors to fit any shot you may have. Drape two or more pieces and unleash a world of new colors and textures!




But I want to shoot hand painted Muslin too!


Hey, so do we! When you store muslin you'll want to loosely fold them and store without added weight on top. If you do encounter wrinkles just hang it up and steam top to bottom. 

As always, we hope this installment of Wisdom Wednesdays was insightful and can propel your photography career to new heights!

We look forward to hearing your feedback so don’t be afraid to comment down below!


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