New Canvas Backdrops Make for Easy Product Photography

With social media taking a huge part in running a business, your photos need to look better than ever, but also tend to take up a huge amount of time. Don’t worry, we’re here to help you come up with the best looking shots with our new canvas backdrops!


Backdrops are an easy way to add a touch of interest to your photos without a ton of work. Small enough to shoot even the most delicate items like rings and makeup and large enough to get all the needed angles of larger items like purses and wine bottles, our new canvas backdrops are easy to roll out, place your items on, and have Instagram ready shots with just your phone!


While the backdrops do a lot of talking, add special touches with greenery - can even be cut from your own backyard - or other small props to help tell your product’s story. Things like stones, flowers, or fabrics can add dimension to your photo highlighting your main subject!


Make sure to keep it simple and don’t overcrowd your product so that it shines as the focal point!


Show us your product shots! We'd love to see what you can do.

All of our photos here were shot on our conference table with a single soft box light and taken with an iPhone 12 and iPhone XR.

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