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Tips for Maternity Shoots

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Maternity photo shoots can be quite daunting for any photographer. We have all seen those baby bump photo shoots that did not shine the mom in the most flattering light! But once we understand the basics and really dive into maternity photography, these images can be some of the most beautiful in your portfolio.

If you follow these tips, your next maternity shoot will go as smoothly as that beautiful baby bump!

1Make use of some classic poses

Let’s take a look at some of our favorite poses for a soon-to-be Mom!

  • Hands above and bellow the belly


  • Looking at the belly


  • Both hands bellow the belly


  • Hands in a heart (most often seen with the dad making the heart)


  • Silhouette


  • In nature


  • With Ultrasound


2Make her feel beautiful (Because she is!)

It is not easy for every woman to feel especially pretty during their pregnancy. This is why it is so important for you, as the photographer, to help her feel like the goddess she is! Use encouraging and positive words during the shoot to really make her glow (Your photos will reflect this!). You would be surprised at just how much a few compliments can turn a photoshoot around! Be careful that you are not overdoing it though. No one wants a fake compliment, so don’t go overboard with the schmoozing and just make her feel comfortable in her body. (as comfortable as one can be with an extra 10 pounds hanging onto them!)


3Get the whole family involved

The most important addition to these photos is going to be the loving Dad-to-be. This is BOTH of their moment, so be sure to highlight this with some affectionate photos of the couple. This will also turn the focus of the photos from the belly to the joy and love of their relationship (which the mom will appreciate!)


Don’t forget to add any future siblings to the photo as well! Not many photos can melt your heart like one with a young brother or sister touching the belly that is holding their future sibling! (They will love the attention as well!)


Pets can also be a great addition to these photos! you will want to be sure that the mom is comfortable around an active animal, but these can be wonderful pictures that capture the joyous home that the baby is about to become a part of.

4Plan the shoot for the best time in the pregnancy

You will want to schedule your maternity photoshoots for around 7 months into the pregnancy. This is when the mom will be feeling and looking the best (The final stretch!… No pun intended!) If you try to cut it too close to the actual pregnancy you could be dealing with a very uncomfortable mommy! (Or even worse a water break!)


5Try taking it outside

It may make it a bit more difficult, but if you and the mom are up for it, go ahead and get some sunshine in those shots! You will really be able to catch the natural beauty of the pregnancy process. (Plus it can get you guys out of a stuffy studio!)

When you go outside make sure to look for some happy and colorful areas to serve as your natural backdrop. Try a flower field or possible a town landmark that will spark some memories for the mom.


6Think about the Mom’s outfit

This may be one of the most asked questions for a maternity shoot! It is already difficult for a pregnant woman to pick out what to wear, but when you add in a photoshoot to the equation, it can get even more confusing! (And you thought she took a while to get dressed before!)

A good rule of thumb is to not hide the bump! They may want to push for more loose clothing in an attempt to flatter their image, but remind them that they are there to photograph that bump! It will be best to stick to more fitting and stretchy clothing.


Here is a nice list of different clothing options to get you started:

  • Solid colored shirts focus the attention on your tummy’s shape and glowing expression.
  • Avoid big floral prints, swirls, plaids and stripes. Large patterns distract.
  • Black clothing gives you a slim silhouette.
  • Form-fitting clothes with a little stretch will compliment your figure rather than loose clothing.
  • Long sleeves tend to be the most flattering, but sleeveless and spaghetti straps work well. Avoid t-shirt length sleeves.
  • If you want to show your bare belly, consider wearing a top and skirt or pants that won’t leave binding marks across your tummy.
  • Silk and cotton fabrics drape beautifully around a pregnant body.
  • Empire-waist blouses and dresses, button-up shirts, tank tops, long drawstring skirts and tie dresses can really enhance your blossoming shape.
  • Dark jeans and black tapering yoga pants make your legs look long and slim.
  • Don’t forget the feet. Pick your footwear depending on your clothing. If your toes are exposed in a sandal-style, you might want to get a pedicure.
  • If you choose tighter clothing, consider your undergarments with the style of clothing you choose to wear. You might not want lines showing through your clothing.
  • When choosing ways to show your style, consider a cheerful scarf, or sweater – even chunky jewelry can add fun splashes of color.
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7Through some props into the equation

Props can be a great way to add some creativity and fun into your shoot! Make sure to discuss with your client what type of photos they are looking to get, as some prop photos can come off as a bit “cheesy”.

Many of our Newborn and Baby Props could work perfectly for a shoot!


As always, we hope this installment of Wisdom Wednesdays was insightful and can propel your photography career to new heights! So get out there and capture some memories and share the beauty of pregnancy and newborns!

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