Newborn Blanket Wrap (Multiple Colors Available!)

$ 18.00 – $ 54.00

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Perfect for draping over newborn posing pillows or as a backdrop for your shoot! Pattern Type:...

1 35x175cm / 13.7x68.8in1 35x175cm / 13.7x68.8in
2 35x175cm / 13.7x68.8in2 35x175cm / 13.7x68.8in
3 35x175cm / 13.7x68.8in3 35x175cm / 13.7x68.8in
4 35x175cm / 13.7x68.8in4 35x175cm / 13.7x68.8in
5 35x175cm / 13.7x68.8in5 35x175cm / 13.7x68.8in
6 35x175cm / 13.7x68.8in6 35x175cm / 13.7x68.8in
7 35x175cm / 13.7x68.8in7 35x175cm / 13.7x68.8in
8 35x175cm / 13.7x68.8in8 35x175cm / 13.7x68.8in
9 35x175cm / 13.7x68.8in9 35x175cm / 13.7x68.8in
10 35x175cm / 13.7x68.8in10 35x175cm / 13.7x68.8in
1 100x175cm / 39.3x68.6in1 100x175cm / 39.3x68.6in
2 100x175cm / 39.3x68.6in2 100x175cm / 39.3x68.6in
3 100x175cm / 39.3x68.6in3 100x175cm / 39.3x68.6in
4 100x175cm / 39.3x68.6in4 100x175cm / 39.3x68.6in
5 100x175cm / 39.3x68.6in5 100x175cm / 39.3x68.6in
6 100x175cm / 39.3x68.6in6 100x175cm / 39.3x68.6in
7 100x175cm / 39.3x68.6in7 100x175cm / 39.3x68.6in
8 100x175cm / 39.3x68.6in8 100x175cm / 39.3x68.6in
9 100x175cm / 39.3x68.6in9 100x175cm / 39.3x68.6in
10 100x175cm / 39.3x68.6in10 100x175cm / 39.3x68.6in
1 150x175cm / 59x68.8in1 150x175cm / 59x68.8in
2 150x175cm / 59x68.8in2 150x175cm / 59x68.8in
3 150x175cm / 59x68.8in3 150x175cm / 59x68.8in
4 150x175cm / 59x68.8in4 150x175cm / 59x68.8in
5 150x175cm / 59x68.8in5 150x175cm / 59x68.8in
6 150x175cm / 59x68.8in6 150x175cm / 59x68.8in
7 150x175cm / 59x68.8in7 150x175cm / 59x68.8in
8 150x175cm / 59x68.8in8 150x175cm / 59x68.8in
9 150x175cm / 59x68.8in9 150x175cm / 59x68.8in
10 150x175cm / 59x68.8in10 150x175cm / 59x68.8in
$ 24.00 $ 18.00
SKU: 40330652-1-35x175cm

Perfect for draping over newborn posing pillows or as a backdrop for your shoot!

Pattern Type: Solid
Material: Cotton
Material: Polyester
Material: Rayon
Material: Modal
Material: Stretch & Spandex
Baby Age: 0-3 months
Size: 35x175cm, 100x175cm, & 150x175cm / 13.7x68.8in, 39.3x68x8in, & 59x68.8in

Delivers in 6-8 weeks.

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