Set Of Plastic Clamps (Multiple Sizes Available!) - EX104
Set Of Plastic Clamps (Multiple Sizes Available!) - EX104
Set Of Plastic Clamps (Multiple Sizes Available!) - EX104
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Set Of Plastic Clamps (Multiple Sizes Available!) - EX104

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For attaching fabric backgrounds to background stands you can use the pole pocket or we highly recommend the large background clamps. These are also great for holding up the vinyl backdrops!

The medium works great for holding up vinyl backdrops or for clamping backdrops together.

The small ones are perfect for keeping your backdrop straight along the poles while hanging or for helping to pin clothing tighter to your model.

Orders are automatically sent into production so please be sure when placing your order that everything is correct. Changing your order might not be possible depending on where it is in the production queue. We make all of our backdrops, floor drops, and senior drapes to order, so please allow for the following production timeline:

Vinyl backdrops: 7-14 business days
Canvas backdrops: 7-14 business days
Lightweight backdrops: 7-20 business days
Heavyweight backdrops: 10-20 business days
Diamond Cloth: 7-20 business days
Floor Drops: 7-20 business days
Senior Drapes: 7-14 business days

We make every effort to get your merchandise to you as soon as possible, however, quality workmanship takes time, so please be patient.

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