Below are detailed descriptions of most of our materials. Click the names to view more. If you have other questions, please just send it to Customer Service

Titanium Cloth ™ is our latest and greatest computer painted wrinkle-free fleece-like fabric that is both washer and dryer safe. This lightweight fabric will give you the intense vivid color that you have been looking for in a backdrop. Titanium's strength and durability will give you lasting results for years of usage.
Experience Titanium...A computer painted wrinkle-free fleece-like backdrop available exclusively from Backdrop Outlet. All Titanium Cloth backgrounds are made in the USA and are printed at the time of order. Lead time is 5 to 7 days.

Why Titanium Cloth™? Compact and Lightweight, No wrinkles, Machine Washable and Dryer safe, Intense Vivid Color, Durable and Strong, Light absorbent, Non-reflective, All sizes have a sewn rod pocket

Dura Drops™ are printed on a durable matte vinyl and are great for kids,teens and adults alike. They are 6'W x 8'H, computer generated and easy to use. Made in the USA, printed and shipped in-house. Please allow 7-10 business days for production.

Baby Drops™ are the most economical backdrops for babies and children. Baby Drops™ backgrounds are 3'W x 4"H, computer generated and easy to use. THey can be useds as a wall or floor. THey are printed on heavy-duty, matte vinyl, and shipped rolled. Hang them quickly from a stand using clamps. Baby Drops™ are made to order. Please allow 7-10 days for production.

We use the highest quality Poly cotton muslin available to us. Muslins can easily be folded and brought with you to various locations. They have minute wrinkles naturally, any prominent fold lines or wrinkles can easily be steamed out. Do not Iron your muslin, ironing it may ruin your muslin and your iron. All muslins have a 3" Pocket sewn on one side, this is provided so that you can easily hang the backdrops by feeding the crossbar through it. It can be easier to hang your muslin using clamps (Sold separately) . Most muslins are machine washable in cold water on a gentle cycle. It is easier sometimes to simply clean the Muslin using a damp cloth. Typically darker colors tend to fade slightly. These muslins are hand dyed and are extremely soft. They are great for draping.

Candy Floors are a super durable computer painted photography floor with a soft top and rubber bottom. These long-lasting rolled floors absorb light nicely and are super easy to clean and store. 

A sturdy, durable, muslin-like fabric that is both washer and dryer safe. Available in the truest colors to give you the blackest blacks and the brightest whites. Lasting results for years of usage. Compact and Lightweight Greatly reduced wrinkles compared to normal muslin Includes sewn-in rod pocket

Backdrop Outlet's Fantasy Cloth™ will put your photographs in a class by themselves. The effects you can create are soft, elegant and always visually pleasing. Mix and match colors to maximize your creativity. Layer Fantasy Cloths™ on top of each other for endless possibilities. Fantasy Cloth™s are awesome accents for any scene or it can be used as an entire background on its own. All Fantasy Cloths™ are 9x16 Wrinkle It. Backlight It. Shoot Through It. Diffuse with It. Color Gel It. Layer It. Drape It. What other creative uses will you think of?

A smart, elegant, luxurious, and fasionable photogra[hy backdrop that features great texture and amazing versatility in any type of shoot ranging fron infants to seniors.

PROFESSIONAL VINYL BACKDROP Professional vinyl backdrop, much thicker and heavier than economy vinyl.