Digital Backdrops DVD #1 OVER 200 DIGITAL BACKDROPS (Includes CD'S 1-9 - DVD1

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OVER 200 DIGITAL BACKDROPS INCLUDES: Mixed Styles 01 (DSC101)Mixed Styles 02 (DSC102)Scenics 03 (DSC103)Senior 04 (DSC104)Holiday & Sports (DSC105)Old Master 06 (DSC106)Wedding 07 (DSC107)Children 08 (DSC108)Locations 09 (DSC109) Features: Take your...

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Mixed Styles 01 (DSC101)
Mixed Styles 02 (DSC102)
Scenics 03 (DSC103)
Senior 04 (DSC104)
Holiday & Sports (DSC105)
Old Master 06 (DSC106)
Wedding 07 (DSC107)
Children 08 (DSC108)
Locations 09 (DSC109)


Take your photographs to the next level with Studio Taxi Digital Backdrops. Providing you with endless capabilities in background selection. These high-resolution digital backdrops provide you the depth and texture of real backdrops.

Give your clients an endless range of background choices with Studio Taxi's Digital Backgrounds. Features over 200 different backgrounds and 2 File Sizes. JPEG (72 dpi) for email, websites, and displays. High Resolution TIFF (300+ dpi) for photos.

Use Photoshop or any other image editing software to replace the background behind your client. Software works best with a chroma key backdrop, but any background that does not blend in with the subject will work. A Chroma Key tutorial is included.

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